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  • Alexandru
    I've tried different methods and medications. Or better yet, the result, ever, any effect passed quickly, and already after a week he started drinking again like before. With alkozeron everything is different. These capsules I don't drink, eight months! I didn't know sooner, nor is there such an effective tool, in this case, such an affordable price.
  • Vasile
    Went out to drink because of persistent, my wife took the kids. Alone, I realized I don't need anyone. That is the time to decide to do something. Shrink back. Take the capsule the doctor alkozeronhe said there is a better tool than this. I don't drink more, I hope my wife and kids will be back soon and we'll be happy it's like alcoholism.
  • Elena
    To relax after a day drank a sip every night. One day, I realized, without this, he can't, and have become dependent on. Resolved to the clinic for help. Ever read any Poe on the internet about possible methods of treatment. Learned Forum alkozeron. A few days after alcohol intake has been shitty already. I don't drink more, I feel good about myself!
  • Gheorghe
    Struggling with alcohol addiction, an effective drug for. My brother already drink a lot of more than 10 years . He came, my wife went to him and bought my son. By chance, I learned there's something familiar about capsule alkozeronhelp already a few days drinking to receive. And that's what happened, and finally I've seen all these years my brother is sober.
  • Ana
    Alkozeron saved our family and especially for your whole life. Good people, good alcohol addiction transformed him unemployed and irresponsible drunk. A daily booze, smoke, and drink all a circle for the third month now... no he doesn't. The capsule is forced under the guise of drinking the pill headache.
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