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Hi everyone! My name is Inga, I live in Oslo is a beautiful city. I've been married for 14 years. There two wonderful children, a boy, the saga of Simon and the girl. Her husband's name is Martin. I decided today I was able to share to get rid of alcohol addiction and to keep our family together.

experience with the use of capsule in the treatment of alcoholism

Let me tell you about-this is a good experience, and mostly about the tool Alkozeronher husband to help drinking. We're going to tell you to use the tool was a result of the most effective as to what I'm going to show, photo, personal archive - my husband looked like when I had her, and then I left.

First photo my husband to use up Alkozeron.

Alcoholism treatment - personal experience

As I have already written, most importantly, my husband and our family in general this is what happened Alkozeron. Produced in capsule form. I learned about this tool by accident. A friend of mine said something to someone and her party a lot, work also started at the same time, and that helped her the capsule. Overall, I did some research about it on the internet and a capsule. Turns out you really very positive reviews sites and forums about them. Many reports to whom, even without the help of these capsules didn't help, nor an expensive treatment, private clinics, there are numerous techniques nor psychologists. You speak with the decision, a husband, an offer that's an option. Reluctant, but she agreed.

Tool capsule where I was getting treatment for alcoholism Alkozeron

Unfortunately, I learned you can buy it in our country Alkozeron it can't be. Just order from the manufacturer. Even before it was upset. Because this is impossible on a permanent binge fed up with her husband and children and just a pain to watch your favorite person how painful this as it's ruining her life and health. But as it turns out, very simple to make an order and the delivery is quite fast. I ordered it through the official website. The people behind the site, name and phone and then the manager called. Conditions of openness and time of delivery (Oslo package already arrived on the third day after ordering), nicely detailed and answered all the questions for consultation how to use capsules the correct result for fast and long.

Alkozeron capsule alcohol dependence treatment - before and after photo

Results after using the capsule of how it is used.

Her husband took two capsules at the beginning of each day (morning and evening). The day was such a course a month. Anyway, three days later, her husband's confession we wanted to drink again, but I felt disgusted just to think about it and strong nausea. This is me, of course is pleased. Hope this capsule really helps, and her husband Don't drink anymore. Tried watching it I haven't missed a single entry. No booze for a month. The decision to go more psychiatrist and alcoholism expert for advice her husband I started drinking again. The doctor recommended to leave the intake Alkozeron six months. Single dose reduce. Admission is only one capsule once every three days.

Now, a year later, the initial treatment, alcohol addiction, and hope finally calmed down a former life, every day, the husband the booze the whole house and the smoke we're never going back. It is also very helpful and I hope my story helps you return to a normal life. Recommended application capsule Alkozeron how fast and effective tool against alcoholism. My friends health, happiness and Family Welfare!

In the second photo, my husband's application a year later Alkozeron.