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10 PCs/pack.


alcoholism treatment

Capsule Alkozeron - universal quick tool for treating alcoholism. Designed for men and women. The application is safe for human health. Outpatients permitted use without a doctor's prescription.

One of the benefits capsule with a natural composition. Active ingredients (extracts): kudzu root, milk thistle, cornflower, thyme, St. John's wort.

The vehicle has passed scientific research and has been tested in clinical trials. The overall results capsule Alkozeron equally effective, regardless of gender, race, and age category.

To pay attention to. Buy original capsule Alkozeron In Romania only via official website manufacturer. Beware of fake.

Alcoholism drug treatment - indications Alkozeron:

  • it's hard to relax without alcohol
  • suggestions for a drink to never give up
  • drink in small doses, but every day
  • steady state from the assembly
  • not sleeping much you drink.

Maybe addiction to alcohol in the first stage, a sign more visible from the outside or trying to be, and chronic. In any case, the intake, these tools will be effective. I will report back the statistics from all over the world, this risk all three of the ages of 21 to 45 ages. Life sneaks on the pretext of alcohol first. This may be chronic fatigue, separation, wife or husband, quickly and easily, relax, enjoy, but an urge to drink it every day, only advanced and increasingly more frequent alcohol consumption and more.

!!If you or your loved ones drink daily or every weekend just for those who are addicted to spend large amounts of alcohol consumption, to never give up his own desires for a drink of suggestions or you can go for two to three days or more long-term binges, I don't Eve remember what happened the very next day drinks - all these symptoms require alcohol dependency treatment.

Describes how to use instructions Alkozeron - dosage, contraindications

for the treatment of alcoholism as a tool to get Alkozeron

One capsule with a glass of water just behind a car for pleasure (50 to 150 ml). Daily dose treatment - two capsules. 7-30 days take one capsule in the morning and throughout the evening. The application course depends on the severity of alcohol addiction.

Application capsules Alkozeron after successfully completed treatment to avoid let. Dosage One capsule a day within the duration of Directors is three months. Preventive repetition maybe Post-course 30-day hiatus.

There is no contraindications. Exception - creation of one of the components, pregnancy and breastfeeding. The reception capsule is in agreement with the physician if you have acute or temporary severe chronic disease.