How to stop drinking

Every person who is prone to alcohol cravings periodically asks the question "How to stop drinking alcohol on your own? ""It's a signal that he's really willing to try and maybe get over the craving for the bottle.

How to give up alcohol yourself: first steps

how can one stop drinking

If the addiction to alcohol has gone too far, the patient can no longer think spatially and take responsibility for his actions, and it is impossible to stop drinking on his own. Even in a good clinic, his return to a full life will be problematic. But in the first and second stages of alcoholism, everything is much simpler, and dealing with the problem is quite realistic:

  1. Occasional drinking. A person drinks alcohol rarely, without any regularity. With a hangover, alcohol causes a strong aversion. But the first stage quickly turns into the second.
  2. Ritual drunkenness. This stage is distinguished by the fact that a person uses regularly for various reasons. A holiday or other event and alcoholic beverages become synonymous.
  3. Habitual drinking is characterized by regular consumption of alcohol two or more times per week. The alcoholic does not necessarily have a reason for this, but out of habit he may look for and express them. Memory lapses often occur the next morning.

There are only two ways to stop drinking on your own: completely stop drinking alcohol by voluntary decision forever or gradually reduce the dose. Before that, you need to realize and accept that excessive drinking is a problem that needs to be addressed. Stitch coding options for certain medications are not covered here. Anyone can give up this habit on their own, and you just need to find out if you are one of those strong-willed people.

Whose help do you need to stop drinking for good?

People who want to stop drinking alcohol do not always know how to do this and who to turn to. If you plan to start out on your own, perhaps the support of friends and family will be enough for you. This is one of the pillars that helps you stop drinking alcohol.

The narcologist gives advice on how to stop drinking alcohol on your own and helps to remove the effects of alcohol from the body. Detoxification usually takes a day. As for the recommendations to return to a full life, the doctor can prescribe some drugs:

  • hangover medicine;
  • compositions and tablets that reduce the desire for alcohol or cause aversion to it.

A psychologist can also easily help you stop drinking. Together with him, the addicted person will be able to understand the reason that pushes him to the bottle. This is one of the most important things you need to understand in order to move forward towards an alcohol-free life. The psychologist also helps not to destroy and restore relations with loved ones.

What does a drunkard experience when he stops drinking?

what a drunk feels when he gives up alcohol

The body needs time to establish all processes after the cessation of libations. The poisoning passes gradually and is accompanied by unpleasant and painful sensations in the head, heart, muscles and gastrointestinal tract. Convulsions, hallucinations and high blood pressure are possible. Tremors, increased anxiety and restlessness, trouble sleeping, and sudden mood swings may also occur. This can last up to a month. If you want to stop drinking with minimal physical discomfort, you will need to undergo a detoxification procedure. It is carried out in clinics and medical centers. Hangover medications can also help reduce symptoms.

In case of panic attacks, severe tremors and anxiety, you should call an ambulance, as these conditions are characteristic of the onset of delirium tremens. Ignoring the symptoms can lead to serious health problems. Sometimes delirium tremens leads to death.

Help from private clinics

Those who use the help of drug treatment centers have a better chance of not relapsing and giving up alcohol. In terms of how to stop drinking alcohol forever, private clinics are ahead of state drug addiction treatment centers. This is due to many factors, but the main three are: the use of the most modern powerful coding techniques, a tandem of narcologist and psychologist to work with patients and the high cost of services. The first and second increase the effectiveness of treatment, the third additionally motivates the patient and his family. Outpatient treatment of alcoholism is, of course, more effective than the patient's attempts to cope with the problem alone at home.

Before the patient stops drinking alcohol, the clinic must detoxify the body. They then encode using suggestion or medication. Dovzhenko's method and the subcutaneous injection of drugs that cause an aversion to drinking alcohol have proven to be very effective. The patient is then offered to spend several weeks in the clinic's hospital, so that he can more easily get out of the vicious circle and experience physical withdrawal under the supervision of medical personnel. This approach to giving up alcohol is usually complemented by work with a psychologist.

How to stop drinking on your own without clinics

It is extremely difficult to get rid of a bad habit on your own, because drinking alcohol improves mood and makes life easier and more pleasant. However, this is possible if the disease has not gone too far. How to stop drinking on your own, step by step:

  • Admit there's a problem. This is the most important step.
  • Find the cause of alcoholism. Most often it is a desire to simplify life or a habit due to a drinking environment. If it is quite easy to part with friends or colleagues - all you have to do is move to another city or reduce communication to a minimum, but the first reason is more difficult. You will have to seriously try to eradicate the habit of hiding from problems behind a bottle.
  • Choose a goal. It must be achievable. If you have a weak will, then it is better to give up alcohol gradually, reducing the dose, so that after six months you completely stop drinking alcohol.
  • Find the motive. This is close to setting a goal, but unlike it, it can have several motives. For example, improving relations with family and relatives, keeping a job, improving material well-being and health.
  • Choose the right moment. This is an important part of how to stop drinking for good.
  • Find the right methods to stop drinking. Usually just desire or strong will is not enough. To help patients, many drugs have been developed that can be used at home. But the doctor still has to choose them based on the individual characteristics of the body and the course of the disease, so at least once to go to an appointment with a narcologist is simply necessary. It will tell you how to stop drinking without coding if you want to start without it.
  • Ask someone to supervise you. It is much easier to give up if there is a support group and an important person who helps to avoid temptations and to monitor the implementation of the developed plan to return to normal life.
  • Find new hobbies, replace alcohol with other drinks. Sometimes you have to change your environment and give up some old hobbies.
  • Follow a diet. Some foods make you drink. In such cases, you should replace your usual alcohol with another drink. For example, kvass, compote, tea.

The right time to stop drinking

People who have successfully returned to sobriety talk about the importance of timing. It is easier to stop drinking after heavy drinking or even prolonged binge drinking. Then you won't be haunted by the realization that you "never got drunk" after all.

There is no easy way to stop drinking on your own. It is a struggle that one must fight with oneself.

A quick way to stop drinking

The highest rate of success in getting rid of a bad habit is among people who are coded by sewing special substances under the skin. They make it impossible to drink alcohol: as soon as a small amount of alcohol enters the patient's body, a person begins to experience strong unpleasant sensations. This method is great if the patient does not want to advertise their problem. Perhaps the easiest way to quickly stop drinking at home.

15 recommendations on how to stop drinking alcohol

tips for giving up alcohol

There are some tricks and recommendations from narcologists, psychologists and those people who have already overcome their addiction:

  1. Avoid companies where frequent consumption of alcohol is encouraged. If such people are among your friends, you should communicate with them less often.
  2. Remove all alcohol from the house. You can pour it out or give it to a moderate drinking friend of yours.
  3. Don't celebrate the holidays with alcohol and don't look for reasons or excuses to give yourself a little "day off" to relax.
  4. Don't feel sorry for yourself. You have a worthy goal, not a punishment. Stopping drinking on weekends and in general will help you achieve a lot in life.
  5. Work helps take my mind off the drinking a bit.
  6. Try to find new hobbies and interests.
  7. Find out how your acquaintances or friends stopped drinking on the weekends or stopped drinking alcohol. Communicate with them often to get moral support and helpful advice.
  8. Try to remember what it's like to have fun and have an interesting time without alcohol intoxication. You can find out how people have fun without alcohol from those who do not drink for religious reasons, because of their own beliefs, profession or sport.
  9. It is recommended to change your daily routine, get enough sleep and establish proper nutrition. You should not eat foods that cause a desire to drink: spicy and salty foods, fish, sweets, coffee. It is necessary to drink as much water as possible - this starts metabolic processes in the body and promotes the elimination of alcohol.
  10. Every morning should start pleasantly: with a delicious healthy breakfast, an invigorating shower or positive music that you love.
  11. Add sport to your life. Even a short exercise will help you feel more alive and improve your well-being.
  12. Try to plan your day. How can this help you stop drinking at home? Everything is simple - you will be busy with work or communicating with non-drinking friends and relatives. This will help you avoid temptation.
  13. Celebrate accomplished tasks and don't forget to brag about them to boost your mood and prove to yourself that you can do so much more without alcohol. You can additionally reward yourself with various pleasures: food, shopping, communication with nice people.
  14. Meet new people and communicate more about interesting topics. Try to fill your free time with pleasant and interesting things as much as possible: religion, art, sports, movies.
  15. How to effectively stop drinking at home? You can additionally place posters and notes throughout the house with motivational phrases. They must be periodically updated and the location changed.